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If you can, just wait and get that as it's a better quality toy. L5: Journeyman. Quote from jeruvian :. L Deal Hunter. New User. Quote from daviiddlt :. Quote from fram :. The true benefit or our classes are the character and success traits that are developed through martial arts training.

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Through learning the skills and techniques of martial arts, to the guidance and inspiration of our instructors and the positive social interaction with their fellow classmates, your kids will develop a whole list of skills. Face it. Our martial arts classes for kids are full exercise routines disguised as a boatload of fun!

But just as important, our classes will help develop at a young age the physical habits they need to grow into healthy adults. We never want our kids to have to use these skills in modern life, but every good parent still wants their kids to be safe. But knowing how to defend oneself is only half the battle.

Hey Seattle! FREE Classes for a month! Traditional Karate Hayashi-ha Shito-ryu Style

Our classes teach your child the respect and self-discipline needed to diffuse a situation without violence whenever possible — as well as the knowledge to know when force is the only way to safety. It really is a challenge to design a class that keeps children focused on learning, respect, and discipline while still having fun… but our classes are created just for that.

They are so full of ideas, activities, and games that your kids will never get bored or stagnate. It really is a place where laughter, cheer and happiness abound. Self-control is essential to the study of martial arts, and our students learn that they must be the masters of their actions and emotions.

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Martial arts has its roots in self-defense, but we teach children that violence is not the answer to their problems. Some kids who come to us are resistant at first, but martial arts instruction is both fun and active. The discipline kids learn in our martial arts school helps them in other areas of life.

Over time, behaving in a disciplined way becomes second nature.

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One word, NO. It seems counterintuitive, but actually kids often become less violent as a result of marital arts training. By learning self-defense they gain a better understanding of themselves and those around them, which actually promotes more peace for all. Many children who are fearful feel less so after studying martial arts. They have confidence in their ability to defend themselves if they need to and that helps conquer fear. Some kids who comes to us are resistant at first, but martial arts instruction is both fun and active.

Martial arts classes build core strength and balance while also increasing muscle mass and improving muscle tone. Martial arts training teaches focus, self-discipline, and self-respect. Kids who absorb these lessons carry them everywhere — including the classroom. It can. In our school, they must focus during each class. They learn the value of working toward goals, and that can help them with other subjects, too. Nobody is left out in the studio.

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All students are treated as equals and must respect one another and their instructor. Our martial arts school is a community. The study of martial arts rewards hard work. Our teachers work closely with students, providing them with the individual attention they need to build on their strengths and achieve their goals.

The way we hold ourselves physically relates directly to how we feel inside. Kids who study martial arts learn to carry themselves with confidence. Kids who study martial arts learn that hard and persistent work pays off.

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Each small success helps children believe in themselves and have faith they can achieve their next goal. Martial arts training teaches focus, discipline, self-control, and respect. These traits help children let go of petty grievances and learn to pay attention to the things that are most important to their future success. Our instructors are experienced working with children of all abilities and ages. Your child will learn at a pace that is comfortable for them, and in environment that puts their physical safety first. The study of martial arts requires kids to discipline themselves.

They must control their behavior in and out of our school, work to memorize moves, and practice to advance in their studies. In our martial arts school, respect is a core tenet of what we teach. All students are taught to respect their instructor, other students, and themselves as part of their studies.

Kids who bully other children often do so out of fear or a feeling of inadequacy. With martial arts instruction, they learn to respect themselves and others, and to have the confidence to resolve problems without aggression. Martial arts training does not teach aggression.

It teaches control, self-respect, and respect for others. It teaches children to channel their aggression into positive things.

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Regular physical activity is a must for kids who want to lose weight. Our classes give kids a serious cardiovascular workout and help them burn calories. The training they experience also builds muscle mass which can improve their metabolism. We talk to kids about the way of life of a successful martial artist. They learn that their bodies can only do what they have fuel to do — and part of that is eating healthy food. If your child is reluctant, we will work with them to help them register a series of successes to build their confidence. Building on those accomplishments can help even the most reluctant student be enthusiastic about martial arts.

Martial arts instruction focuses on the pursuit of small, achievable goals. Any student can learn martial arts, and our personalized instruction ensures that kids who have physical challenges can still advance. The study of martial arts requires intense focus and self-discipline. We teach kids that their attitude and focus have far more to do with their success than anything else. Over time, kids who learn martial arts develop the ability to avoid distractions that might keep them from achieving their goals.

In our school, kids need to memorize movements and learn to perform them in sequence, a skill that translates to the classroom. Martial arts emphasizes control and discipline, helping kids learn ways to cope with negative emotions. Learning martial arts builds physical stamina and strength, two key components of physical fitness. Martial arts training increases muscle mass — and muscle burns more calories than fat and accelerates weight loss.