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Description ratings dynamic-tabe39b4fd6. JHS Pedals Double Barrel V4 Versatile overdrive effects pedal that combines two stompboxes in one and offers a versatile but transparent overdrive at medium and light gain levels.

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  • I have a remark regarding the description. The left footswitch sends the pedal into near infinite sustain with the trails teetering on the edge of self-oscillation. The Borderland is the perfect pedal for creating lush, modulating, ambient textures. The four modulation modes can be accessed through different toggle switch combinations. LFO crossfades between original pitch and octave up, creating an octave slide effect.

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    The 8 waveforms are listed on the back of the pedal. This mode replaces the reverb code with delay code. The LFO section applies the same 4 modulation types to the delay section. It contains the same lush reverb algorithm and retains the three octave mode. Pressing down on the right footswitch sends the pedal into near infinite sustain with the trails teetering on the edge of self-oscillation.

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    • Octave — Enables a three octave reverb algorithm. Taking the original reverb signal and mixing it in with an octave up and octave down reverb. But it totally fits. Sweet, fun, and probably best consumed in small doses, our Marshmallow makes weird gooey sounds with your favorite instruments.

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      At its heart, Marshmallow is a pair of pitch shifters that we combine and modulate in interesting ways with a variety of magic tricks. Want smooth chorus? No problem. How about juicy organ tones? Maybe you want your stuff to sound like a cat on helium? Yes, we do that too.

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      Marshmallow features six effect modes, all of which are adjustable to play from High clock rates yield impressive fidelity and great sound quality. Low clock rates introduce artifacts, noise, and weirdness. You have been warned. MOD Dual pitch shift with adjustable pitch modulation. ARPY Tweakable arpeggiator effect. Set ALT near the middle for slower speeds, or towards either end for faster ones. RAND Dual pitch shift with random modulation.

      RING Dual pitch shift with automatic panning between the two signals. DYNA Dynamic pitch shifter.

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      Set ALT counter-clockwise to shift seamlessly between the two pitches, or clockwise to bend from one to the other. A lot of pitch shifting pedals on the market allow you to set the intervals over a wide range, but trying to find the right pitch can be tricky.

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      Hold the center button and the Ramp footswitch to cycle between the available Tune Lock settings:.