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  • Distribute unique discount codes through email campaign;
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You can now use these codes to launch MailChimp campaigns. You can start using this mechanism for building promo campaigns and sending them out from now on.

Moreover, thanks to the built-in tools provided by Voucherify, in MailChimp we get monitoring which helps us to maintain this small system. If you want to learn more about coupon campaigns and delivery follow our docs:. In the next step, you can leverage the Voucherify API to do the heavy lifting and get a lot of value instantly.

Coupon Box for WooCommerce

By wiring this API into your platform, you are getting much more than just discount code generation and distribution; you can finally track voucher redemptions, collect customer data and limit the access to promo whenever you want. Whether you are developer or marketer, Voucherify allows you to build or shape up your coupon system from now on.

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Distribute unique discount codes through email campaign. Mike Sedzielewski Follow. Voucherify Programmable building blocks for coupon, referral, and loyalty campaigns. Voucherify Follow.

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Programmable building blocks for coupon, referral, and loyalty campaigns. Write the first response. Discover Medium. At that point, five days will be remaining before the coupon expires.

Woocomerce Mailchimp Discount - Offer discount for newsletter/mailchimp signup

Make sure to set the expiration in number of days correctly — the coupon is created when a subscriber is added to your list. For example, if you want to send an email to that subscriber in 10 days letting them know they have a coupon that expires in three days, you would need to set the expiration at 13 days. Log into your MailChimp account, go to the Lists section, and choose the list you want to use. In MailChimp, switch to the Campaigns tab. You probably already have a campaign set up, but if not, you should add one.

How To: Creating Urgency Coupons for WooCommerce in MailChimp Automatically

A typical campaign usually has a welcome email the subscriber receives automatically, with a follow-up email that contains the coupon code which comes some days later. In the email announcing the coupon code, use the MailChimp email merge tag followed by the coupon code suffix you created in Step 1 when creating your coupon. When a subscriber signs up for your list, the coupon will be created.

Again, you can do more complex scenarios as well — if you have an automation that moves a subscriber to a different list after a certain number of days, you can add a webhook to that list which will then run and create a coupon, and you can attach campaigns to that list.

Create a Code Email configuration in Coupon Carrier