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Yet if we had to add a forum the Vote list is given in the order of our own preference from the most preffered to the least preffered. Here is another point to consider. None of the listed forums support deals ranking. This means that all deals from this new forum will show up with 0 rating. This is not a problem though if all you want is the ability to search across multiple forums. We made improvements to Search functionality. Search result now highlights the search string and also contains deals from archives the original search only had New Deals.

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Since each search can now potentially result in a very large number of deals we had to add results pagination. Give it a try and let us know if you like it. Have you been using WiredDeals recently? Do you find it useful? Not really?


Want some particular feature that is currently missing? Have other concerns or just want to share your experience with others? We have added a comment link to the News section effectively turning News into a Blog. The link is on the right side at the end of each post. If you have anything to say - post it in the comments.

We really appreciate your feedback and hope others can benefit from it as well. Use Popularity as criteria when adding a Deal Alert. Popularity reflects how many people have been attracted by the deal and allows you to pinpoint popular postings irrelevant of how the deal is ranked by others.

Popularity is also a reverse function of time. In other words it fades out over time if the deal stops attracting people. Popularity comes handy to fight a known scam. If you are long enough with FatWallet and SlickDeals you may have noticed that sometimes really hot deals get a negative feedback immediately after posting. This can be explained by others trying to bury the deal thus saving it for themselves before it becomes known to wide public and the item goes out of stock. What, wait?

Fatwallet is closing? Oh no!

Best Deals Sites Online - FatWallet

I remember WiseBread had tons of participation. Later on Yakezie was the place to be. FatWallet Closing Off Topic. Shnugi UTC 1. Revanche UTC 2. You are a f00l AND a very …well … um… Well there no other way to say this: you are a very mediocre person… Sorry. Why, thanks. I was a Vmp but there was a credit card issue and it was cancelled. Now get off my lawn.

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I first put this into the fuko arrival thread. This post was supposed to go here, but I was too much in a hurry to be careful to check the thread after a mobile browser crash. And if so, mostly all about info. Dell Yoga Pro i7. Maxed out ram. During the period where this was the current release?

Nice machine. I have a nice Chromebook so that I can help Google track me more effectively, and it boots in 10 sec and has all day battery life. Why should I help Microsoft join in? I first started on Fat wallet and posted what I thought was a good deal and most crucified me for it. So I mostly just checked deals after that and joined Slick Deals. The attitude there was way better and I actually posted a few deals I found and people were happy and supportive. I kept hearing about Fat Wallet so I finally joined. I found out about Woot from SD and joined them pretty early and then somebody posted about here so I joined here too.

I was also on HoopStick for a while and they had a few good deals sorta like here and Woot and I always got my stuff but they went away suddenly too. And Apple just started using that? When FW was originally sold, it became less conversation, and more deals with few comments. The FW finance section was always incredible but over my head, and I always thought that was gonna be my new home when I got smartr.

FatWallet Forums Closing Down [Repost, Officially Closing On October 9th)

But FW, you were my first. And you set me on a journey. It was just a wonderful time. A really tight one? That I stick to.

What I really need is www. And more evidence for the dwindling of deals sites f00l had a video to watch said Sun, Oct 8th at am eastern.

Slickdeals and dealnews and a few others are still going strong, I guess. Brickseek can be wonderful, Esp for Walmart and Target. Besides friends Oh, what the hell. Including friends. But does nothing then become something? Both TV and physics seem to posit some answers. So: What The Fuck. Including self. UncleVinny said Sun, Oct 8th at am eastern.


Best Deals Sites Online – FatWallet

UncleVinny jbartus set it up. Friendly place. Probably why no one told me. RiotDemon said Sun, Oct 8th at am eastern. And the channel has been mentioned periodically in other threads. If you go all dark and vanish, and then come back, you gotta poke and get up to speed.