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Woo! The world's largest bounce house is touring the U.S. this summer

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UOB will not be responsible for any injury, loss or damage suffered as a result of the redemption of the offer or usage of the goods and services. UOB is not an agent of the merchant. B27 - G - Mermaid Bounce House. B27 - H - Transformers Bounce House. B27 - I - Dinosaurs Bounce House. B27 - l - X games bounce house. B27 - M - Halloweenie Bounce house. Bring this Hello Kitty moonbounce to your home for your child special day for hours and hours of bouncing fun.

B27 O - Mickey's Clubhouse Bounce. This little club house moonbounce is so much fun, as Mickey and his pals invite everyone to the Mickey Mouse Club House! B27 - Minnie Mouse Bouncy House! B27 P - Princess Sisters. Do you wanna build a snowman? Come on, let's go and play! It doesn't have to be a snowman B27 Q - Olaf and Friends. B27 R - Justice League. B27 S - Superman. B27 T - Power Rangers. B27 X - Blue's Clue Bouncer.

B27 - Winnie the Pooh Bouncy Castle. B27 - The Avengers. B27 - Mario Brothers Bouncy House.

B27 - Toy Story Bouncy Castle. B27 - Bubble Guppies Bouncy Castle. B27 U - Spiderman. B27 W - Cars Theme Bouncer. B27 Y - Finding Nemo Bounce. B27 - Sesame Street Bouncy Castle. B27 - Minecraft Bouncy House. B27 - Scooby Doo Bouncy House. B28 - Monster Wheels. B30 - Twister Bounce.

720 S Vail Ave, Montebello, CA 90640

B32b - 30 ft Obstacles Course. Well here you go this Obstacle Course will have you, your kids and their friends gasping for air before your reach the end of the lengthy course. B33a - Adrenaline Rush4 Obstacle Course. B34 - Gladiator Joust. The joust arena comes with 2 padded joust poles, 2 protective headgears. So get your enemies lined up ready for a battle of two gladiators. B34a - Gladiator Joust II. Partygoers will love the chance to try the inflatable version of the Gladiator Joust. This game puts two gladiators doing battle in an inflatable arena on foam-padded pedestals The gladiators attempt to win by using oversized joust poles to knock the opposition off their pedestals.

One of our favorites for participants and the crowd cheering them on to victory! Velcro Wall. The Velcro Wall is a unique interactive inflatable game. Teens and adults can jump and stick on velcro wall in any direction they want. Includes 4 Velcro suits. Combining technique and stregnth, participants on the velcro wall try to see how high they can stick. This beautiful monster will bring kids from the whole neighborhood, wanting to pay admission to your waterpark.

This dual lane waterslide will let you race your friends to the bottom. B36 - 17ft Kahuna Jr. If your feeling a little Islandy hook up with the 15 ft slide of fun, great for the youngs ones and also awesome for the older teens.

The slide is approximately 9 feet high and it is a wavy slide at a degree angle. It has a pool at the end, which is approximately 4 feet wide, 4 feet long and 1 foot deep.

B37 - 19ft Wipeout. Look no further, I give your kids 3 hrs max on this amazing adventure, and they'll be begging for their beds. The Wipe Out Slide is great for a beached themed event.


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Your guests will be able to surf the wave on this 19' tall water slide and have fun doing it as they slide down the rolling waves into a soft water landing. B38 - 22ft Tropical Corkscrew. Your adventure begins by climbing up 17 steps to the top of the 22' slide. Take a seat, catch your breath and prepare for the ride of your life. Push off onto the incredibly long 44' sliding lane as it propels you through a degree right turn before screaming into the tunnel and through another 90 degree left turn before splashing into the pool.


B39 - The 19ft. Tidal Wave Waterslide. What do you do when the The Tidal Wave comes to your little town? B40 - Wild Rapids II. This awesome 21' tall inflatable water slide features 2 lanes of fun and a bumpy ride to the end.